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We treat every order individually with maximum responsibility. We always accommodate your wishes and find the best solutions in the area of demolitions, collection of ferrous waste, rental of machinery and environmentally friendly recycling of secondary raw materials. We do quality, quick and effective work. Check out a selection of our clients and fulfilled orders.

Demolition of BTN unit, demolition of incineration unit

Demolition of the roller mill, foundry and auxiliary plants, BROWNFIELD –

remediation of the premises and preparation for further use

Demolition of filtration units, chimneys

Disposal of mercury electrolysis

environmentally friendly disposal of transformers, turbine impellers of the Dalešice

Hydro Power Plant

dismantling of rails

Supply of treated scrap to foundries and steel works

dismantling and disposal of incessant dormant HV lines, disposal of the bridge across the belt conveyors.

dismantling of a railway siding at the Velké Popovice Beer Brewery

disposal of aircraft (MiG 21) and motor vehicles

removal of ferrous metals from the premises, demolition of buildings

dismantling and processing of railway tank wagons

complete removal of iron from and disposal of technological equipment and material

dismantling and scrapping of part of the non-ferrous metals foundry

disposal of technological units, removal of ferrous metals

demolition of structures and the technology of the Děpoltovice stone quarry

disposal of the technology and demolition of the objects in the Jirčany Plant

demolition of workshops and gatehouse in the Předlice Depot premises

demolition of objects in the premises of the Žižka Mine in Chomutov

demolition work within the framework of remediation of the old ecological burden in
the SAE Spolana Neratovice

demolition work on block of flats



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